January 28, 2021

Five Ways to Wear Your Mangalsutra

Ways to Wear Your Mangalsutra

Ways to Wear Your Mangalsutra

The very word Mangalsutra is symbolic of holiness, a sacred bond that often reminds us of our love for our spouse and the special position they hold in our life. It has been since times unknown the greatest and evergreen gift for a married woman regardless of age and occasion.  Mangalsutras in the previous times were predominantly worn as neckwear and that too as a short-chain or a long chain. As time passed Mangalsutras got new adornment forms, something which the millennial women wear effortlessly. According to the design and weight changed the gold Mangalsutra price too.

Here are the various ways in which you can now don the Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra as a bracelet: Much talked and much-hyped a Mangalsutra bracelet stole all the attention when it was first sported by Actress Shilpa Shetty. Few argued on how something scared can be rejigged to suit the current trend while some lauded the look. The arguments continued while the style blossomed in no time. A Mangalsutra bracelet became a regular accessory for millennial women given the ease of wearing, the trend, and the style quotient it carried.

Mangalsutra as a Ring: Another modern version of wearing a Mangalsutra is a black bead ring- subtle, stylish, and sensational, the ring is perfect on both casual, formal, and party wear too. This season the magnificent Mangalsutra rings stole the spotlight for being the hottest buy given its style and affordability.

Mangalsutra as Earrings: Mangalsutras can also be transformed into beautiful balck bead earrings in different models such as studs, hangings, Jhumkas and the very mode Sui Dhaga too. All the Mangalsutra models come in lower weight ranges unless customized. Hence, the price tag also remains relatively less in comparison to other Mangalsutra adornments. For example, a Gold Sui Dhaga earring is way less in comparison to a Mangalsutra ring.

Mangalsutra as a Necklace: Unlike the traditional Mangalsutra chain, a typical Mangalsutra can also be redesigned as a necklace with a dose of design. Surrounded by eclectic gold design, the black beads form the contours giving it a rich and elegant feel. The necklace comes in higher weight ranges and hence its price is high compared to other precious Mangalsutra accessories.

Mangalsutra Bangles: Grace and usability come together in Mangalsutra bangles, they can be worn either alone or can be paired with daily use gold bangles. Mangalsutra kadas can also be requested to be custom made. Bangles can be used daily unlike other items, they can be further designed into kadas too, which can be worn as occasion wear.

Having said the five ways you can flaunt your Mangalsutra, there is another way to incorporate it in your style check i.e. make a lovely set of Mangalsutra ring, earring, chain, or necklace and a Kada to grace it. The complete set will elevate the overlook by a notch. You can wear the Mangalsutra and the precious accessories depending on the occasion too. For Example, you can couple the Mangalsutra ring and Earring on an Anarkali while a Kada and long Mangalsutra can be themed with a heavy Kancheevaram saree for a wedding or family function.

In the end, the style mantra is not about wearing singly or Fusing up two or three accessories together, it is the comfort quotient that matters the most. Chase your signature style and don it to the heart’s fullest.