October 21, 2020

Top Jewellery Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Jewellery Styling Mistakes

Jewellery Styling Mistakes

Wearing jewelry is art. The way you put it on and amalgamate with your outfit reflects your personality and style. But wearing it the wrong way can ruin your appeal. Failing to pair it effectively with your outfit can steal away your outfit’s charm. That’s where this guide can help you. In this post, we will make you aware of the most common jewelry wearing mistakes that you should avoid at every cost.

So, let’s get started….  

#Mistake 1: Not matching Jewelry with the occasion

The exquisite diamond necklace designs with sparkly studs are good to be worn on formal occasions.

But wearing to the office or for friends get together can be a big blunder. The same applies to your funky jewelry pieces, wearing them at a pool party may be good, but not for an official meeting. Additionally, statement pieces should be reserved for special occasions.

#Mistake 2: Not matching jewelry with the fabric

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make. The fabric type of your outfit plays an imperative role in deciding the type of jewelry you should wear. As you cannot wear heels with swimsuit and sports shoes with ethnic wear the same applies to jewelry. Wearing diamond jewelry with a denim shirt is not cool neither a wooden bead necklace works well with a silk blouse. Thus, to get the right look make sure you match the jewelry with your dress fabric.

#Mistake 3: Not matching materials

No rule says that you shouldn’t wear jewelry of the same material. But not all combinations work well. Wearing a pair of diamond studs with a charm necklace is a complete mismatch. So, when wearing jewelry of different materials, pay attention to the combination. The materials you choose to wear together should radiate a cohesive appeal and not a scattered look.

#Mistake 4: Wearing too many statement pieces

Say big no to wearing too many statement pieces. This could exaggerate your outfit while making you appear too sparkly. As a general rule of thumb, a statement piece should always be accompanied by delicate jewelry pieces. Doing so will balance out your look and will enable you to stand out.  

#Mistake 5: Wearing too many jewelry pieces at once

Layering necklaces and stacking rings is good to go but wearing all at once is not. Jewelry is worn to draw attention to the pieces you are wearing. But combining all of them, wearing the layered necklace, dangle earrings, and stacked rings won’t make you look stylish. All jewelry pieces will clash with each other and will make you look unattractive.  

#Mistake 6: Not matching to the body type

There is a pair of shoes for every pair of pants; similarly, there is a type of jewelry for every body type. There is no same size fits all for jewelry. Chunky pieces on a petite person may look too overburdened and hence weird. Alternatively, dainty pieces on a large size person can distort proportions. Therefore, it is necessary to pay to attention body type. The choice of your jewelry should match your body type and posture for a maximum impact.  

Wrapping up…

These are the general mistakes to avoid while wearing jewelry. Although they may sound obvious but are important to consider. As each piece of jewelry says something about you, therefore make a smart choice. Gauge all factors as mentioned above and wear pieces that help you define the best and make you stand out from the crowd.

Definitely, avoiding these mistakes, you’ll rock your every look!!