October 30, 2020

Understanding the Expiration Date of Vape Juice

Vape Juice

Vape Juice

Vaping is an experience to enjoy, and every enthusiast looks forward to vaping. It is extremely disappointing to reach for your favorite e-juice bottle only to realize that it has expired. Even though you might know when and where you bought it, you probably did not know how long vape juice lasts.

Vape juice does expire, and manufacturers do give it an average shelf life of two years. Those who know this ensure that they use e-juice before this time passes to avoid disappointments or using expired juice, which might have adverse health effects.

More About the Shelf Life of E-Juice

E-juice is made from food-grade ingredients such as flavors, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and others. As such, it expires just like food does. Manufacturers claim that the quality of the e-juice might change and that they cannot guarantee the safety of vapers who use expired e-juice. Because of this, they discourage the use of e-juice that is expired. As a matter of fact, health experts advise people to stop using it a month or a few weeks before the indicated expiration date.

The biggest problem is the breakdown of chemicals that occurs over time. Some of the ingredients go bad faster than others, but manufacturers have considered all these ingredients when indicating the date. Nicotine oxidation is a process that is carried out during manufacturing to improve flavor. However, the process continues over time, and too much oxidation causes the juice to go stale. This is why people are advised to store vape juice away from direct sunlight.

Too hot or cold temperatures also lead to problems with your e-juice. Accordingly, it is best to store it at room temperature.

Buying E-Juice with a Long Shelf Life

When you visit any store to buy the e-liquid of your choice, there are things that you should always check to ensure that it will last a long time. First, look at the manufacture and expiration dates. Pick an e-juice that was recently manufactured because it will have the longest shelf life. Also, you probably want to read the ingredients and avoid those that can cause a stale taste within a short time.

Ask the seller to give more insights depending on how long you would like to use your vape juice. If you intend to use it within a short time, then you will have no problems buying any e-juice as long as it is not expired.

Storing E-Juice Appropriately

A lot of vape juice goes bad because of poor storage practices. Usually, you will notice that e-juice is sold in transparent but tinted bottles to limit oxidation. You should not transfer it to clear bottles. Additionally, keep the bottles out of sunlight, which means keeping them away from windows. A lockable cabinet is the best place.

As mentioned, room temperature is the ideal condition since extreme temperatures take a toll on the ingredients of vape juice. This makes it easy because you do not need a refrigerator to store vape juice.

Final Word

As you can see, vape juice is very delicate. It requires careful handling if you want to enjoy great throat hits and flavor. It is easy to follow the insights above to have your e-juice last for about 2 years.