October 30, 2020

Grip Strength Training – The Best Way to Do It for Improvement

Grip Strength Training

Grip Strength Training

Hands are used for everything and when it comes to lifting or workouts and they play a very important role. A good grip is paramount for successful liftin or even exercising with various machines at the gym. And this comes with knowing how to grip well and exercising the hands for a stronger grip.

Novices are often challenged in both ways, which makes it hard for them to train with weights or even causes accidents during workouts. But with the insights that we are going to share below, this will be a thing of the past for you.

Understand What Grip Strength Is

This is mainly used to refer to the strength of the arm from the elbow all the way down to the fingers. However, people consider grip strength as the overall strength of the hand. Both the front and back of the arm strength must coordinate when gripping.

Weakness in these muscles causes a lot of problems in a lifter or athlete’s career. That is why one must not forget to exercise them.

Workouts for Grip Strength

  • Deadlift – It goes without saying that deadlifting is excellent for a great grip. Some argue that you need grip strength in the first place to deadlift like a pro. However, regardless of how you view it, deadlifting improves your grip strength very well. You can read some interesting news about this on the web to find out what people think about deadlift and grip strength.
  • Farmer’s walk – This is a strongman’s best exercise for many reasons. One of the benefits includes grip strength. Grab a weight that is appropriate for you and ensure that your hands are comfortable and take a walk. The downward pull on the hands makes your hands stronger.
  • Dumbbell curls – Of course, these have to be on this list. The heavier the dumbbells and the more you exercise with them, the better your hands will be. The best thing is that your triceps and biceps also benefit from this.
  • Resistance band workouts – The more you pull the resistance bands or springs away from the center of your chest, the stronger your hands become. Keep increasing the resistance with time to make your grip strength better and better.

How to Grip Well

Apart from workouts, grip strength grows when athletes know how to grip well. When working out with the bar, it is best to identify a perfect balance. Do not use a bar that is too thick for your hands as this will cause grip struggles or accidents.

There are accessories that can be used to better the grip. Weightlifters use special leather gloves that work well with metal bars. If you are using your bare hands, use a special powder that is meant to make your grip better.


The main solution to better grip strength is the use of workouts. You can find more exercises that are enjoyable to do for a better handgrip. In the meantime, those that we have discussed above will be invaluable to you. Keep a record of your progress to see if there are any approaches that you need to change.