January 21, 2021

All You Need to Know About Painting Doors and Windows

Painting Doors and Windows

Painting Doors and Windows

Though we don’t give them too much thought, doors and windows play a major part in defining the visual impact of a home. It’s not only their shape that matters but colour aesthetics play a major role too.

After all, doors and windows are what bring sunshine, air, and welcoming energies to the home. Therefore, it becomes even more important for them to look beautiful. Well-painted windows and doors help in unifying the visual texture and personality of the house. You cannot have a stunning home and weather-beaten doors and windows.

So, here are some tips that will make your painting job easier and quicker:

  • Prep well: Before painting the doors and windows, make sure you dust and scrub them well, clean the corners, and scrape the sticky stuff off. Remove all the hardware and fill up holes with sandable fillers or epoxy wood fillers to have an even coat of paint. All this will ensure that you have a shiny and smooth surface after the paint.
  • Masking: Doors and windows have parts that don’t need painting like hinges, doorknobs, etc. You should mask them and the natural borders of the doors and windows to avoid spilling the paint over to the walls. For masking them you can use plastic bags and tape them properly.
  • Priming is the key: Unless your old paint is in perfect condition, which rarely happens, always prime the surfaces before painting them. Primers help in blocking stains and let the new paint sit better. Make sure that you prime the entire surface. Spot priming will only make the painting job blotchy. Once the primer dries, check the surfaces in proper lighting. In case you see some flaws, sand, and reprime again.
  • Colour them well: Doors and windows can easily be made the most prominent features of your house by choosing bold and contrasting colours. Not only does this add a nice touch, but also adds a pop of colour to your house. You can use colours like bright red or deep blue that looks beautiful without looking overpowering. You can try colours in a high gloss finish for a touch of sophistication. For the best glossy paints, check the Royale shyne prices. You can even paint the doors or windows and their trims in different colors to add depth in beautiful contrasts like beige and red.
  • Mix the paint with solvent: Since you will be painting on a wooden surface, you must mix the paint with solvent. This helps in giving you a more uniform colour. Otherwise, colours have a way of giving different appearances before and after they are painted on a surface.
  • Plan the painting well: Plan your painting job early in the day so that the paint has enough time to dry before you close them during the evening. Open and close the painted surfaces several times so that they don’t dry shut. When painting your doors, always start from the edges and then move from top to bottom. Make sure that your paintbrush sweeps in the direction of the wood grain. Once the paint is completely dry, sandpaper the entire surface to smoothen it and paint again. Since doors and windows are more prone to weather changes and repetitive actions of opening and closing, this second coating will provide them better protection.

So now that you know the pro-tips for the best paint job for your doors and windows, make sure that you engage with people who make your job easier and stress-free. Unique platforms like Aapka Painter offer brilliant paint and wood finishing ideas, waterproofing, cleaning services, etc. What’s more, Aapka Painter also helps you budget effectively by letting you check for the current oil paint prices using their ‘paint price calculator’.