October 30, 2020

Information About The Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

Human growth and development have led to the development of various technologies present in today’s world that could not have been imagined by people in the past. The introduction of various machines has proven that the world can be a better place with the help of these machines because they are specially designed to ease the difficult tasks of human beings that can be very hard when done without any help from the machines. There are different types of machines based on their areas of use and functioning details. It doesn’t matter what the type of machines is or for what area does it work for, the motive for the creation of any machine is to help people in every aspect. An example of such a machine is the universal testing machine. The universal testing machine price in Indiais a very controversial topic because people are willing to get much information about it.

The reason for the popularity of this machine is the features it serves and the uses it provides to the consumer. The machine can be used for various companies and industries in terms of testing purposes because it is known to test different aspects of any material that is being produced by the company. It eases the burden on the company because now the job is being done by an automated system instead of people who can also do some mistakes which can cause losses to the company. The universal testing machines test the given sample for its physical properties under a given amount of compressive or transverse stress depending on the uses of the material. The machine is named universal because it can be used on different kinds of materials.

There are different types of works that are being done by these machines which are listed below:

  1. Tensile strength: used to test the resistance of a material to breaking under any type of stress.
  2. Compression: to test the ability of material resisting the compression.
  3. Adhesion test: this test ensures that the material is ready to overcome any type of adhesion to its surface.
  4. Pull-out test: this test is used to ensure the durability of the product that has to be tested.
  5. Bending test: the test is used to examine the bending ability of the test material to ensure its safe and durable test.
  6. Hysteresis test: it is used to test the magnetic ability of the sample under given electromagnetic induction.

All these tests are used to determine the value of the durability of the test material so that it can be used by the consumers safely. The results of the test might vary for different materials and also the way of seeing the results might vary as well. For example, one material should be bendable while others should not. This means that the results would be perceived in a different way for both materials.

The price of the universal testing equipment can be varying according to the machine and the company but usually, the price can be anywhere from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 8 Lakh.