December 2, 2020

How to Make Custom Boxes and Mailers for Your Packaging Business?

Packaging Business

Packaging Business

Make custom boxes or mailers by using high-end quality cardboard material for packaging products. Boxes are randomly used for packaging and utilizing brown cardboard for this purpose is a very good option. You can create different styles of packaging boxes and mailers according to your choice. The packaging companies usually manufacture these boxes for the packaging business.

Different types of machinery are useful for making customized boxes and mailers. The packaging companies use heavy machinery, tools, cutters and different variety of instruments in the manufacturing of boxes but the most important among these tools are cardboard, packaging tape or a box cutter for making packaging solutions. Corrugated material is consumed for creating custom boxes in a variety of shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle, etc.

Mailer boxes

Mailer boxes are of small size. It can also be used as a document’s envelope. They have square sides too. It is made from paperboard. They are also available as rigid or flexible envelopes. Mailers are also found as a bubble or padded mailer in the market. They could be used for the safety of the products. These envelopes are used for mailing letters or fax. It could be consumed for sending E-commerce. This box requires cushions for the product packaging.

Companies should only create high-quality mailer boxes because these boxes are tightly sealed and it prevents humidity. Using low-quality mailer boxes for the transportation of the products will decrease the performance. These boxes are not much popular and are also available in various shapes and sizes. Adhesives such as different types of glues are used for packaging items in mailer boxes.

The procedure for building a custom box

First of all, take a big piece of cardboard for building a customized box. Lay it down on the table. Put your product on the cardboard then cut cardboard according to the product’s size. Make four cut-lines on the cardboard for creating corners of the box that would be helpful for flipping and folding the box. Make a top and bottom of the packaging box from the cardboard material. Place your item in a bubble wrap then put it in this box and use tape along the edges of the box for making your product’s packaging perfectly fit.

The process of making custom printed boxes

After creating custom boxes, you can do digital printing on these cardboard boxes. You can quickly convert your custom boxes into custom printed boxes by printing different graphics, images of cartoons, animals, celebrities or writing quotes, products’ benefits, ingredients of containing items on these boxes. Use printing machines for making artistically printed boxes. Use paints or multiple colors for making colorful and mesmerizing posters on these boxes. Using customized printed boxes will help to recognize items during shipping or delivery system. You can print both the inner and outer sides of the box.

Printing methods

Mostly three printing methods are used for printing boxes but first, you need to think about which type of printing you want for your packaging business. Flexographic printing is one of the most common methods of printing custom boxes. The next one is digital printing. It is utilized for printing small size orders and it is expensive printing and the other one. This printing is cleaner than the other two printing types. This printing is also called lithographic printing. This occurs onto a paper sheet then use this paper sheet. Paste it on to the box. This printing just feels like a wallpaper. If an entire box is printed then it is called full label or if any side or half side of the box is covered with lithographic printing then it is called spot label.

Custom boxes with logo

The packaging companies create custom boxes with logos for the packaging of products. Simple or complex logos are consumed for printing. It provides an aqueous coating to your product packages. Each brand has a specific logo for the recognition of their products. Brands always use custom boxes with logos. Some people know modern brands by their logos. Place a piece of cardboard under the printing press for printing two or three-tone colored logos on the custom boxes. Printing machines use colors on the above side of the machines for painting logos on the custom. Different designs of logos are used. Logos can also be of large or small size. In the previous years, black and white logos were printed on the custom boxes but now brands and users prefer colorful, attractive logos.

Custom shipping boxes

Cardboard is used to create custom boxes for shipping products all over the world. It is not necessary to use simple brown shipping tape for sealing custom boxes to ship products. You can also use colorful printed tape for making your packaging strong.