December 2, 2020

What Are The Benefits Of Elevator Door Ads?

Elevator Door Ads

Elevator Door Ads

Elevator advertising or captive lift advertising is considered to be one of the most effective ways of advertising a promotional message. Advertisers have found that this form of advertising creates maximum customer awareness as the lift is the only place that seems to attract and hold customer’s attention the most without any distractions from the outside world.  The higher the elevator foot traffic the greater will be the chances of it being effective.

Why do advertisers use lift advertising?

Most of the advertisers today are relying on lift advertisings and securing advertising spaces in lifts.  This is mainly because lift advertising is a cost-effective form of display advertising that helps reach the promotional message to the customers directly.

This form of advertising provides highly targeted audiences in a captive environment with shut doors and their undivided attention.  The message on these elevator door ads is observed by them in an isolated environment with only that media graphic insight.  This gives the advertiser a unique chance to reach all kinds of audiences, educated, affluent, business leaders in a single environment. The cost of this type of advertising is well-suited for all kinds of businesses as it is not too expensive.

Ideally, this form of advertising is done in the busiest elevators.  Advertisers must focus on securing the elevators in places such as commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, offices, hospitals, and some residential buildings. It is always advised to make the elevator advertisements as appealing as possible to communicate the advertising message to the target audience.  Formulating a budget and proper planning should be done prior to the execution.

What are the benefits of lift advertisements?

Creative advertisements

Lift advertisements can be highly creative based on the nature of the product or service that is being advertised. An advertiser can create a lot of buzz through the unique and creative display of visuals and graphics.  Advertisers can put as much imagination into creating the best ads to appeal to the audiences.

Captive audience

This is one of the greatest advantages of lift ads. The audience is captive with shut doors and their entire attention on the display ads.  This creates a high percentage of awareness in the audiences turning potential customers into actual buyers. These ads create higher recall value and it is more likely that the person would go back and search for their ads later.


The cost of lift advertising is not too much when compared to other modern forms of advertising that could cost a lot of money to advertisers.  Small businesses can also afford elevator ads and reach their target audience to convert them into potential buyers.

Balancedand constant exposure

Elevator ads stay inside the lifts for anextensive period of time, so they continue to stay relevant and exposed to its captive audience, unlike traditional advertising.

Other than the other forms of advertising, advertisements in lifts can be edited. Another benefit to the advertisers is that can share their revenue and expenses with the building owners.