December 2, 2020

Market Analysis for packaging about tie business

packaging and labeling

packaging and labeling

Tie boxes are manufactured from rigid cardboard material that gives them an overall appearance of a luxury box. Although rigid cardboard is the first preference for their manufacturing, however, they can be custom made out of any material that the consumer may require for the packaging of their ties. Similarly, their appearance in terms of their size and shape can also vary as per choice or product demand. They can be printed and laminated with dazzling and exciting prints that may attract a massive number of potential customers towards the products that they represent. They are a cost effective mode of product publicity.Just like the trends and approaches towards all other products that are available in the retail market for sales have changed, the way people look about and analyze ties has also changed. The modern man is not in the favor of taking any manufactured product lightly, and that is why exclusive tie boxes exist for the most insubstantial apparel item that is a tie. Let us see some of the designs in this niche that have made a hype in the market so far.

The Card Sleeve:

Neck tie boxes saw their most unique and updated form in the shape of a card sleeve. These are not boxes, so to say, but instead, they are cardboard sleeves that are cut precisely according to the shape of the tie that they are being made to hold and present. They have specific die cuts where the tie is supposed to roll into them and then another cut where the tongue of the tie is supposed to protrude out of them. They have a hanger shape on the top from where they can be hung on any of the holders that the shop owners may want to hang them on. After-sales, these hanging sides give immense facility to the consumers since they can organize their ties much more efficiently by simply hanging them in their closets. These boxes offer an immaculate display to the ties since, as you can judge by their appearance that they leave nothing left to hide. The whole tie is in front of the customer’s eyes to touch, see and feel while being safely protected in these sleeves so that it does not come out, or fall off or any mishap could happen to it. This type of packaging is ideal for large apparel stores where storage space requires to be aptly organized with minimal space wastage.

The Cookie Box:

This type of boxes make ideal tie gift boxes. As their name tells, they are in the shape of a cookie box. The inner sides of these boxes can be equipped with specific placeholders and inserts that keep the tie situated at the exact place where their manufacturer wants to have them. The tie can also be packaged in these boxes along with some extra gadgets that may or may not belong to apparel products. This is what makes these boxes an ideal choice for gifting purposes. They are made out of rigid card boards with minimal printing on them that gives them an aura of extravagance, which is primarily associated with expensive and ornamental ties.

Flip top box:

A top flip box may be called the other name of bow tie boxes. If left unattended, bow ties are even smaller than neckties. These boxes are an ideal choice for their adequate storage and proper display. Like all other types of boxes that are linked to tie packaging, these boxes are also manufactured from rigid cardboard materials. These boxes look elegant and unique while being displayed on the retail shelf. They ideally encase only a single tie product within them, however, with the help of inserts and placeholders, certain exceptions can be made, and a few more items can be packaged along with the necktie within them.

The jigsaw box:

Apparel packaging has been taken to the next level with the advent of jigsaw boxes. As the name tells, they are in the shape of a jigsaw. They have numerous sections within them with a solid plain top cover. The choice and style of their opening depend solely on the choice of their consumer. They can have them open like a book or with a completely detachable top. The inner sections of these boxes may carry the whole amount of accessories that are required in addition to ties for a properly suited getup. Cufflinks, ties, bow-ties, studs, and even watches can all be packed together in these boxes, with each object having its own defined place for storage. The sections that are added to these boxes are also manufactured by rigid materials. They are either silk or a cloth coated further to add a touch of finesse to these boxes. The exterior body of the box is also manufactured with the help of rigid materials, which gives them an amplified feeling of luxury and expense.The market analysis for packaging about tie business in the recent times indicates superior sales for all the box as mentioned earlier types. Tie storage boxes keep on getting revolutionized with the passage of time, but the basic forms that it converts on are the ones that are mentioned above. So if you are planning to step into the business of ties, these are your choices to play with.