December 2, 2020

Tips To Create Effective E-Commerce Web Design

E-Commerce Web Design

E-Commerce Web Design

There is nothing wrong in saying that technology is driving the world. You can see technology overtaking the traditional techniques of work. Technology is entering into every sector be it healthcare, education, FMCG, etc. No business can survive without adopting the technology into their business. Technology has made the lives easier but has increased the competition in the market. Digitalization has made it very important for businesses to have an online presence i.e., the e-commerce website. Various businesses are going online which has created a cut-throat competition in the market.

Businesses are ready to provide heavy discounts to customers to capture the large market. The motive of the businesses has changed from profit maximization to sales maximization. Most of the big businesses have launched the websites and are selling their products online, they do not have any offline store. Businesses nowadays do not have any address, they just run online through e-commerce websites.

With the increased number of e-commerce websites and offering heavy discounts, the attitude of people has changed from buying goods from the market to buying goods online. The companies selling good online has eliminated the various intermediaries which have led to the lower prices of goods, it has created the direct contact between the seller/manufacturer and the customer. Now, every business launching its e-commerce website has led to increased competition and the companies have to provide some extra features on their website or the facility to the customers to get most customers attracted to their website and convert them into sales. Businesses need to hire an ecommerce website design company to get their website designed and attract people to their website.

Just like offline stores or showrooms need a good architect and design, e-commerce websites also require a makeover. The e-commerce website of a business should not only be appealing and attractive but it should also have some functional value and should be easy to use.

E-commerce websites help in widening the reach of the business as it caters to people beyond the geographical boundaries. It also helps the businesses to share the product description and its features, customers can also go through the review of the products which can help them to get the true insight of the product and helps them in making the decision. The reviews by customers also help the businesses to know the shortcomings or what the customers are expecting. It also allows the customers to have 24×7 access, unlike the offline stores which are open only in the day hours.

With the increase in IT advancement and the awareness of the internet amongst the customers, businesses require more development in their e-commerce websites.

 The products and services available online make it easy for the customers to purchase it and the secured payment gateway makes the online shopping experience more amazing. When a customer buys a product from your website it makes them feel a sense of belonging. If you want that the customer should visit your website again and create it into a sale then you need to pay attention to the following tips to create an effective e-commerce web design.

  • Opt for simple web design: The simple web designs are more appealing to the customers rather than the visually complex websites. To make the web design simple, remove all the unnecessary information from the website and add information that is relevant to the customers. If there is irrelevant information added, customers will find it unattractive and it can affect your sales.
  • Add quality photos: As in online shopping customers cannot view the product in person and to help them in some way, you can add quality photos of the product. Customers should also be provided with the zoom-in feature so that they can view the product easily. And try to add multiple photos from different angles to provide a clear view of the product, the photo should be clicked insufficient light.
  • Navigation menu: The navigation menu helps the users to navigate the pages of the website and allow them to have a look at various products. The menu button should be placed at the correct place which should be easy for the viewers to use. You can make use of a drop-down menu if there is any sub-category which makes it easy for the users to find any product. Also add a search bar at the top of the website, which allows the users to directly search the product if they know its name.
  • Sort and filter button: The “sort by” and “filter” buttons should also be added to the website. The filter button makes it easy for the user to find the product which he/she is looking for. Some of the filters include size, gender, color, price, etc. The “sort by” button allows the user to sort the products in a certain manner like prices from lower to higher or from higher to lower, etc.
  • Display honest pricing: The prices displayed for the product or services should be true. Customers should not feel that they have been fooled or tricked. The prices shown initially for the products should be the same at the time of checkout. The cost of shipping should be displayed below the products. The total price that customer needs to pay should be displayed before placing the order and all the taxes and shipping charges should be included in it.
  • Contact information: Users should be provided with the phone number or email address in case they have any queries or complaints related to a product or service. The contact info should be displayed in such a way that it can be easily seen.
  • Include reviews: The customer review section should be under every product. The customers should be allowed to add a review of the products and the viewers should also be allowed to see the product so that they can make their buying decision accordingly.

You should follow all the above-mentioned tips to have the simple and best ecommerce web design. The simple and easy web design appeals more to users.